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Frequently read publications : Physical Activity Review : International Scientific Journal

  1. Sport and physical activity: Facilitating interventions with young people living with an autism spectrum disorder [647]
  2. The effect of music on mental and physical performance [435]
  3. Effect of 4-Week Physical Program on Musculoskeletal System Changes in Adolescent Sport Class Students with Focus on Ice Hockey [368]
  4. Three Trips in One Plane: Martial Arts and Combat Sports Conferences in Muju, Osaka, and St. Petersburg [343]
  5. Efficacy of dynamic Swiss ball training in improving the core stability of collegiate athletes [309]
  6. Cognitive functions of female open skill sport athletes, closed skill sport athletes and nonathletes [236]
  7. Relationship between diet and body fat percentage in female undergraduates [201]
  8. Report of the 1st World Congress on Health and Martial Arts in Interdisciplinary Approach 17-19 September 2015. Czestochowa [200]
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  10. The interaction of physical activity, joy of movement and quality of life of high school students at different ages [189]
  11. Differences in students’ feelings and preferences in physical education classes: A comparison by degree of hearing loss [170]
  12. Taekwondo diplomacy: new possibilities for peace on the Korean Peninsula [153]
  13. Stadiums and Arenas The New Revenue Source of Professional Football Clubs: The Economic Impact of Turkish Football Stadiums and Arenas in Turkey [151]
  14. Efficiency of Physical Education of University Students Based on the Motivation Choice of the CrossFit Program [149]
  15. Quality of life and physical activity of kindergarden teachers [145]
  16. Taekwondo Poomsae Competitor Perceptions of the Official and New Competition Poomsae, Field of Play, and Competition Rules [143]
  17. Short-term effects of half-squat jump potentiating protocol on power output and countermovement jump performance [143]
  18. The efficacy of Self Determination Theory-based interventions in increasing students’ physical activity: A systematic review [141]
  19. A comparison of two aerobic training methods (running vs rope jumping) on health-related physical fitness in 10 to 12 years old boys [141]
  20. Prerequisites for the physical development of preschool children for the realization of the tasks of physical education [129]
  21. Impact of balance exercises on the elimination of functional muscular disorders in volleyball players [127]
  22. Science and practice of core stability and strength testing [126]
  23. Match Characteristics and Rally Pace of Male Tennis Matches in Three Grand Slam Tournaments [125]
  24. Reliability of a novel method assessing muscle power and velocity during seated trunk rotations [121]
  25. The role of dispositional factors achievement goals and volition in the formation of athletic identity people with physical disability [117]