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  1. Analysis of Henrik Gottlieb’s translation strategies adopted by the internet group Hatak in the translation of the first episode of “House of Cards” [4615]
  2. Translation studies and the polysystem theory [4131]
  3. Quantitative Evaluation of Emotional Intelligence of Secondary School English Teacher [2463]
  4. Selected medical translation problems [1873]
  5. Kapłan »rasy panów« – rzecz o Alfredzie Rosenbergu [1357]
  6. Kontrastive Analyse des phraseologischen Vokabulars zur Emotion ANGST im Deutschen und Polnischen [1212]
  7. Language and Corporate Management: A Comparison of Mission Statements of Polish and US Universities [1128]
  8. Aviation English patterns of speech. A brief description and analysis of the aviation phraseology used in routine air-ground communication [1070]
  9. English as a lingua franca and the factors affecting intelligibility of non-native speakers of English in international contexts. A brief overview of current trends and research results [1063]
  10. Italianismen onymischer Herkunft im Deutschen [1062]
  11. Europejski System Opisu Kształcenia Językowego (ESOKJ) w kształceniu filologicznym – diagnoza i perspektywy [995]
  12. Implementing story-based methodology in teaching foreign languages to young learners [915]
  13. Synthetic diminutives in English nursery rhymes: formations with the suffix "-ie" [899]
  14. The role of learner self-correction in communicative performance [893]
  15. Von Wortschatz und Grammatik zu lexiko-grammatischen Struktureinheiten – der integrative Ansatz im Fremdsprachenunterricht [868]
  16. "Snow White" Gets Black Hair and Brown Eyes - on Censorship in the Translation of English Children's Literature into Arabic [864]
  17. Some Comments on Metaphor Identification Procedure (MIP) [862]
  18. A glance at genre and contemporary genre theory [839]
  19. The critical evaluation of the Helen Doron Method [754]
  20. Qualitative Interviews in der Fremdsprachenforschung [741]
  21. The Notion of "Nonce Formation" Revisited [737]
  22. John Amos Comenius – the initiator of modern language teaching and world understanding [706]
  23. Communication strategies applied by Polish intermediate users of English - the results of a pilot study [682]
  24. Gender relations in Martin Amis's selected novels [639]
  25. O tłumaczeniu elementów „trzeciej kultury” i języka niestandardowego na przykładzie polskich wersji "Lorda Jima" Josepha Conrada [592]