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Frequently read publications : Sport i Turystyka

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  1. The Use of FMS Test in the Diagnosis of the Locomotor System after Using Functional Training in Football Players [104]
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [99]
  3. The contribution of Professor Eugeniusz Piasecki to the development of physical education in Poland [82]
  4. Sailing as a way of physical rehabilitation and resocialization of disabled and socially maladjusted people [81]
  5. The Role of Physical Activity in Prevention and Treatment of Selected Old-Age Diseases [77]
  6. Activities of Henryk Leliwa-Roycewicz in the field of military, sports and horse riding organizations in Poland [72]
  7. Asymmetry and functional symmetry in children aged 11–13 [68]
  8. Zwycięstwo polityki czy sportu olimpijskiego? O historii Gretel Bergmann w kontekście Letnich Igrzysk Olimpijskich w Berlinie w 1936 roku [recenzja filmu Berlin 36 (reż. Kaspar Heidelbach)] [66]
  9. Risk of incidental and recurrent injuries among young athletes of selected team games [65]
  10. Swimming and Bathing in Czechoslovakia until 1938 [64]
  11. Physical Activities and Sport in life of the Tsar’s Dynasty of Romanovs (from Court’s Games to the Olympic Games) [63]
  12. Bytom’s „Sportowiec” and his fight for the western borders of the Second Polish Republic [61]
  13. The effects of supplementary plyometric training on the development of selected motor skills of young football players from Akademia Raków Częstochowa football club [57]
  14. Analysis of nutritional behaviors of males – competitive and recreational volleyball players [53]
  15. [rec.] Eligiusz Małolepszy, Teresa Drozdek- -Małolepsza, Kultura fizyczna i turystyka w województwie wołyńskim w latach 1921–1939, Wydawnictwo Nauka i Innowacje, Poznań 2020, ss. 301 [52]
  16. Physical Education and Sport in Slovakia after the Establishment of Czechoslovakia (1918–1924) [51]
  17. Warsaw’s contribution to the development of skiing in Poland in the interwar period [50]
  18. Motivation to take martial arts training in the opinions of boxing and MMA fighters [50]
  19. Level of physical activity in comparison to selected eating habits of women [49]
  20. Patterns of Physical Culture and Social Patterns in Disposition Groups [49]
  21. Football in Częstochowa in the years 1919–1927 [48]
  22. Women’s team sports in the activities of the University Sports Association in Poland in 1945–1989 [47]
  23. Genesis and content of fitness: theoretical and methodological analysis [47]
  24. Dietary habits of selected groups of police officers in the context of stress reduction [47]
  25. Motivations of fans’ for attending a sporting event. Case study of Cavaliada Poznań [45]