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Frequently read publications : Philosophical Discourses

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  1. Ramowanie a metafora w ujęciu kognitywistycznym – czy mają ze sobą coś wspólnego? [179]
  2. Zmysły jako rama. Węch i wprowadzenie do post-wzroczności [175]
  3. Memory in the Views of the Greek Pre-Philosophical Tradition and Philosophers of Antiquity (Plato, Aristotle) [155]
  4. The Senses Aesthetics, in other Words Body as a Storage Medium [141]
  5. Relation Memory – Oblivion in Human Existential Experience [133]
  6. Memory and (No)Memory of the Eastern Borderlands in the PRL. The example of Lviv [131]
  7. Philosophical Discourses, T. 1, Pamięć - zapomnienie - niepamięć. Konteksty filozoficzne - Aneks [126]
  8. Why Is the Culture of Our Times Reminiscent of Lot’s Wife? Causes of the Late-Modern Turn to the Past [124]
  9. Memory of Matter. Henri Bergson and Material Bases of Remembrance [122]
  10. The Philosophy of Myth as the Interaction of Anticipation and Memory [117]
  11. Recalling of Recalling. Platonic Doctrine of Anamnesis [116]
  12. Two Strategies of Rationality and Memory. Retrospection and Prospection. Exclusion and Inclusion [107]
  13. The Theoretical and the Practical Memory Problem in the Context of the Personal Identity of a Patient Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease – David DeGrazia’s Bioethical Standpoint [105]
  14. Historical Politics and the Obligation of Memory in a Philosophical Perspective [104]
  15. Memory, Imagination and Autobiography. Jean-Paula Sartre’s Perspective [103]
  16. Forgotten Spheres of Subjectivity: Intentionality, Sensitivity and Memory. A Small Prolegomena to Future Epistemology [102]
  17. An Attempt to exhaust Memory. The Function of the List in the Works of Georges Perec [101]
  18. Philosophy as Collecting Reminders [90]
  19. The Memory of the Past Builds the Human Future. National Faults of Poles in Teaching the Primate of the Millenium [88]
  20. The Master’s Albert Miracle: Notes about the Medieval Culture of Memory [86]
  21. Forgetfulness and Oblivation. Examples of Oblivion on the Legal Plane [85]
  22. Italian philosophy of dialogue. Overview [82]
  23. Memory and forgiveness. Soteriological discourse and literature [81]
  24. Historia filozofii jako pamięć [77]
  25. Wstęp. Modi pamięci [72]