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[Abstract = "The study aims to develop mobile exercises through games to strengthen students’ creative thinking. To achieve the goal of learning a sports and health subject, teachers may use optional teaching methods. It is carried out using an experimental research and development project called The Postest-Only Control Group Design. When analyzing the quality of the learning process, a quantitative descriptive analysis technique based on Formative Class Evaluation (FCE) questionnaires are used. The implementation rate for all indicators was found to be 89%. The small group shows a probability index of less than 0.05% or 0.000 and an FCE index of 89.35%. The large group reveals 0.000 and the FCE category is 85.26%. It is necessary to research developing the activity of learning the movements performed by games to strengthen creative thinking, another influence on the creative thinking of students from both the product test group and the control group is the transfer of exercises through games. Based on FCE, it shows that learning quality is important for employment, and according to experts, the entire product design is also important to apply."]