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[Abstract = "In the introduction, the problem of interpreting memory as the basic category of human existential experience was taken up. The history of philosophical analysis of that category was outlined. Having put forward the definitions, the basic types of memory, appearing in philosophical discourse, were presented. The relation taking place between memory and oblivion was adopted as the basic one for the analysis. The problem of symmetry in the memory – oblivion relation was reflected upon. The existential nature of experiencing memory was indicated. The second part of the text was dedicated to the analysis of functioning of memory/oblivion phenomenon. That part included the discussion on the memory – oblivion relation as one of the most fundamental oppositions forming human identity. The meaning of the memory – oblivion relation for philosophy on the example of the phenomenon of writing was presented. In the consecutive part, the measurability of memorizing and forgetting processes was indicated. The text was completed by comments on axiology of memorizing and forgetting processes."]