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[Abstract = "Introduction: The aim of this study was to collect and analyse the opinions of people who train karate Kyokushin regarding the importance (hierarchy) of individual professional activities of the coaches. Material and methods: The research involved 54 practitioners from 25 karate Kyokushin sports clubs in Poland. Respondents were aged 35.0 ±12.0 years, and their training experience was 15.9 ±8.7 years. All respondents had a technical level of at least 1 dan. Survey method was used, and the questionnaire developed by Tumanian and modified by Januszewski and Sterkowicz was applied. Results: The most important professional activities of a karate Kyokushin coaches reported include three types of management: managing physical, technical and tactical preparation of athletes. Regardless of organizational and age divisions, opinions regarding the importance of particular professional activities of coaches were convergent (rsp = 0.79 −0.92, p <0.001). Conclusions: Structure professional activities deemed most important, allows classified karate Kyokushin as more of a sport than a martial art of self-defense."]