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[Abstract = "The aim of the article is to present the contribution of Professor Eugeniusz Witold Piasecki to the development of modern physical education and sports, school hygiene, and education of school staff. Professor E. W. Piasecki was a doctor or medicine, associated with the University of Lviv (1900–1915) and the University of Poznan (1919–1947), a longtime director of the Physical Education Centre at the University of Poznan (1924–1947), creator of modern physical education, contributor of the Higher Education Section of the League of Nations, and the editor of numerous scientific journals. He lived and worked during the Partitions of Poland (until 1918), during the Second Polish Republic (1918–1939), under Nazi and Soviet occupation (1939–1945) and in the Polish People’s Republic (1945–1947). His career path and historical events secured him a place among the eminent Polish scientists and educationists. The article presents his academic biography and achievements in the field of physical education."]