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[Abstract = "Background. Motivation forms a factor that is indispensable for undertaking and continuing sport training and is known to considerably affect the potential to achieve a success. Individuals tend to practice sports on the basis of following a rationale that a specific discipline particularly appeals to them or they were encouraged to practice it by their family or friends. The motivation can also be associated with the fact that a sport is considered as a way to achieve personal development and enhance physical fitness or health. Problem and aim. The aim of this study was to investigate the motivation to undertake training of combat sport in groups of boxers and MMA fighters. Method. The study included N1 = 23 of MMA fighters and N2 = 26 boxers from a sport associations located in Opole. The study utilized the method of diagnostic interviewing and applied the technique of a survey. The tool used in the study was the Pelletier motivation questionnaire. Results. In both interviewed groups, the dominant role is attributed to the intrinsic motivation in which the principal factor affecting the motivation is associated with the willingness to gain knowledge. The intrinsic motivation is characterized by undertaking particular activities on the basis of personal interests, individual needs, the drive to self-improvement and development. In the group of MMA fighters we can note the domination of the hedonistic aspects. The pleasure derived from participation in a training program and the satisfaction that is derived from acquiring new difficult combat techniques form the most relevant aspects affecting the motivation. The most important motivating aspects in the group of boxers include: satisfaction that is obtained from acquiring advanced techniques, excitation that is perceived by the fighters involved in hand-to-hand combat and emotions that accompany the practicing of favorite sports. Conclusions. The reported results offer insights into the subject based on a pilot study and form an introduction that forms an encouragement to perform a more comprehensive study in the area. The results that were gained demonstrate the similar motivation factors in both examined groups with the domination of the intrinsic motivators. The subjects undertake and realize their tasks on the basis of their interests, which provide them with satisfaction and a sense of competency."]