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[Abstract = "Carpal tunnel syndrome belongs to one of the most common neuropathies within the upper limb. Issues discussed in the work are related to: general information about the occurrence of CTS, the purpose of the work, anatomy, pathophysiology, etiology and broadly understood diagnostics including the functional and the pictorial type as well as the treatment. The carpal tunnel syndrome is a consequence of the median nerve compression in the wrist canal at the level of the transverse ligament. The occurrence of CTS may be predisposed by work, age, obesity, hormonal disorders or musculoskeletal and vasomotor disorders. The diagnosis of CTS is based on the detailed medical examination of the patient: a medical interview about the history of disease and family, a clinical and other supportive examinations. ZCN treatment may be of a conservative nature consisting of the removal of the factors responsible for the development of a nerve neuropathy within median nerve or temporary immobilization of the limb. Another type of the treatment may be steroid injections, broadly understood physiotherapy or a surgery."]