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[Abstract = "Football is a sport in which direct contact with an opponent is permissible. In the discipline discussed most frequent injuries are those in the ankle and knee joints, which do not concern bruises or fractures only, but also ruptures or tears of ligaments and muscles [14]. Such situation could take place during a play itself or during a training which we resume after a period of convalescence, or to which we are physically insufficiently prepared. The aim of this paper is to show whether systematic functional training improves mobility, symmetrical work in joints and periarticular muscle flexibility. FMS test is a tool which allows for the assessment of the level of performance and the control of the movement quality after doing appropriate functional training exercises. The tests were conducted among 105 players of the Football Academy of RKS Raków Częstochowa at 14–19 years of age. In all the groups tested in over 70% tests the number of people who scored maximum points in individual tests was reported to increase. The tests conducted showed the positive impact of functional training on the level of performance. A statistically significant difference (p < 0.05) was reported between the initial and control tests in all players. The introduction of such type of exercise should be an integral part of training football players."]