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[Abstract = "High level of fitness and its maintenance is one of the most important conditions of availability of individuals and groups to performing tasks in difficult situations. Physical culture has been accompanying disposition groups since the beginning of their appearance and the patterns of physical culture and social patterns in disposition groups, complement one another and interpenetrate one another, creating autotelic, universal and timeless values. Physical culture in disposition groups can be considered from different theoretical and methodological perspectives and in this work I make an attempt at doing such analysis in respect of symbolic interactionism. From this point of view, physical culture, being in a close relationship with disposition groups is “a system of meanings contributed and communicated mutually by individuals participating in it”. Physical culture in disposition groups considered from the point of view of the adopted paradigm, refers to mutual interaction of individuals and groups engaged in the area of both mentioned systems. Of the presented typology of social patterns in disposition groups it follows clearly, that they include one of the three elements: physical pattern, cultural pattern and moral pattern. All of them are characterized by normative character and unique values. In the light of the above considerations of an application character, physical culture can be understood as a unique tool to achieve professional goals by individuals and disposition groups, who are a significant social capital."]