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[Abstract = "The number of scientific publications about football in Poland before II World War time is slowly increasing. Topic has still many secrets. Especially, we know too little about spectators, who attended to the matches that time. Supporters were not in the spotlight for journalist and photo-reporters, but some press information, memories, photos and other sources brings many interesting discoveries. This thesis try to show phenomenon of football support in Poland, in the 1930s, especially in Lviv. In this paper, to be a football fan is something broad. It is research on everything around game – vocally and visually cheering the team, antagonisms between clubs, football violence, social cross-section of football fans, nationality issue, aspect of dress and others. The research is on supporters, who attended to the matches of Lviv football clubs, mainly – Pogoń, Czarni, Lechia, Hasmonea and Ukraina. This thesis tries to answer the question of the level of organization of football fans at that time."]