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[Abstract = "Pierre de Coubertin’s name is recognized with the modern Olympic Games he founded. Most people know little about his artistic abilities. He inherited the talents of the artistic de Coubertin family and he had the wish to integrate art and culture into the Olympic movement. Born the son of painter, he must have been deeply interested in fine arts, which explain his concept of introducing art competitions in the Olympic Games. Brought up on patterns of ancient culture believed that sport and art had common origins. That’s why art had improve spiritually and esthetically olympic games. He begins with the Advisory Conference held in 1906, called by Coubertin in order to examine the extent to wich art. would enrich the Olympic Games. From 1912 to 1948, artists like sportsmen were able to participate in the Olympic Games in the categories of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Music and Literature. Just like the athletes, the first three places were awarded Olympic medals. The gold medalists are recorded in the Olympic winner lists as official Olympic champions to this day."]