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[Abstract = "Purpose: The research aimed to assess the risk of incidental and recurrent injuries in young athletes according to the training experience, training weekly volume, and morphological features.Methods: One hundred and twenty-five male athletes were included in the study (22 American football players, 30 football players, 49 handball players, and 24 volleyball players). Injures data were collected with the questionnaire.Results: Most of the young players were injured. The basic risk factors of incidental injuries are the length of the training experience. In the case of recurrent injuries, it is also a training internship and a weekly training volume. The risk of incidental injury increases with 30% every year. In the case of recurrent injuries, the risks associated with each year of training by 28%, and 26% with an increase in training volume. The morphological did not increase injury risk.Conclusion: With the training experience, training volume, the risk of sports injury increases. Long-term activities are required in the training process with proper training loads, methods of preventing sports injuries, and regeneration techniques for the protection of young athletes from injuries."]