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[Abstract = "The aim of this paper is the presentation of present state and conditions for the future development of equestrianism in the Mazovia Region (Poland). Considered are potentials and the most important barriers, as well as the possibilities of lifting restrictions and objectives for the dissemination of sport and recreational equestrian. This is one of the thematic threads of research conducted by authors in the selected equestrian clubs in Warsaw and neighbouring communes (in 2008–2019). Theoretical and field (empirical) research on the present offer of equestrian clubs in urban (Warsaw) and suburban (neighbouring) communes was undertaken as part of the long-term and multi-staged statutory projects ds-144, ds-300, ds-316 financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and carried out at the Joseph Pilsudski Academy of Physical Education. Some of the outcomes focused on the sports and recreational horse riding were subjects of the doctoral dissertation, successfully presented by Dr Natalia Łukasik: “Social and cultural conditions for the development of equestrianism in Warsaw and neighbouring communes” (supervisor: Anna Pawlikowska-Piechotka). This article presents an outline of research assumptions, results based on the analysis of the research material and advanced synthetic conclusions."]