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[Abstract = "The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of hurdle box drill with the stick, jump and speed hurdle lateral, and lateral hurdle jump exercises on agility, speed, strength, and explosive power of leg muscles. The sample group of the study consisted of 33 students who participated in badminton FIO UNESA. The methodology used was quantitative research with quasi-experimental methods. The result showed that group I had enhancement on the muscular strength of the limbs for 2.89, speed for −0.003, agility 0.1 and leg muscle explosive power for 1.42. Group II had the strength of the lower limbs for −1.04, speed 0.09, agility −0.19 and leg muscle explosive power 0.85 and group III had limbs muscle strength increased for 0.43, speed 1.18, agility 0.36 and leg muscle explosive power 0.71. Therefore, it can be concluded that these three exercises affected the agility, speed, strength and explosive power of leg muscle."]