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[Abstract = "The article is about the memory of the Kresy Wschodnie (Eastern Borderlands) in post-war Poland. As a result of the settlements of the peace conference in Yalta, Poland lost half its territory in the east. Censorship in PRL prohibited the talk about the history of eastern Polish provinces. Kresowianie couldn’t speak loudly where they came from, in the place of birth, communist wrote them to the USSR. Kresy Wschodnie were considered the cradle of patriotism and traditional values – traits associated with resistance to communist rule. Kresowianie banished from the land inhabited for hundreds of years, they had to find a new reality. The article presents the issue of the memory of the Kresy through the prism of Lviv. Lviv was a particularly important town in the Eastern Borderlands. The city was a very important scientific, cultural and economic center. The city has evolved a unique atmosphere and a specific urban culture. The memory of Lviv in the PRL, was carried by his former inhabitants."]