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[Abstract = "The article presents organization and course of “Action of Communication of the Factories (City) and The Village” at the Grounds of Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw in the years 1949–1954. The purpose of this propaganda actions was evoking the sense of solidarity between rural and urban environments, facilitating approval for forced deliveries of agricultural produce and live animals and for socialist reconstruction of village.Creation and development tasks of Folk Sports Teams (Ludowe Zespoły Sportowe) were assigned to sports activists where village youths were supposed to gather. Also AWF in Warsaw took part in the said action. Next to establishing new LZS, conducting trainings and transferring of sports equipment, meetings with political lectures were also organized. During the period of agricultural field works groups of students traveled to villages helping in various farm activities among others in harvesting of cereals and digging potatoes and other vegetables. These meetings were made more attractive with cultural-educational programs and joint bonfires combined with dancing and singing.The research was based on analysis of archive materials and available literature by applying the method of induction and deduction."]