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[Abstract = "Problem. A monographic study has been undertaken to highlight the specificity of one martial arts school and martial arts research centres. That is, the author tries to determine how this researched centre / school performs its function in the perspective of 30 years of activity. Method – monographic, which has reached into several categories of sources and studies. The method is the case study alone, both descriptive and evaluative, with participant observation and photographic documentation. Results. The Rzeszow Centre “Dojo Budokan” (RCDB) was originally a major club or group of sections, then the main centre of one of associations, and was active in sports structures. Then, since 2000, it also participates in scientific and publishing activities. Conclusions. The RCDB works similarly to other martial arts schools, but is not limited to self defence, sports training or recreational services. The leader gives a tone for the activity. A broad educational program is underway."]