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[Abstract = "At each historical stage, physical culture as an integral part of the overall culture of society, undergoes, depending on the possibilities that are created for its development by a particular formation. At the same time, humanity inherits its cultural values, which were created at the early historical stages of the development of society: scientific knowledge of the laws of physical improvement of man; forms, means and methods of physical education; material and technical base for physical education classes etc. This article is devoted to the emergence and development of physical education on China, Japan and India. The authors focused their attention on the main directions and forms of physical education and the role in its development of national traditions in these ancient societies. Unlike the purpose and means used in the West, the physical education of the eastern countries had its own concept to improve the psychophysical state of a person and to harmonize it with the surrounding nature. It was in the East, in India, China, Japan, that original methods for improving the psychophysical regulation of the body (hutka joga, wushu, tai chi, qigong, shao-lin, ets.) arose, which were used in various forms: relaxation, concertation, meditation and etc. The orientation of physical education in these ancient societies ensured the application of the means of physical culture in the future – adult life."]