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[Abstract = "Freedom of choice, which is characteristic for free time activities, is sometimes limited by the individual features of a person, his or her financial potential, place of living and flat conditions, a range of cultural activities and its real availability. The aim of the study is to find options of satisfactory free-time spending by the first grade adolescents of different upper-secondary schools in Sulechów, a small town in Lubuskie Voivodship. The research describes a group of people aged 16 to 18. In the study, the method of diagnostic survey, together with a survey questionnaire, were used. There are numerical and percentage data presented, and the gravity level of the differences in the given answers in relation to gender and a school type. The analysis of the data shows that upper secondary school students are not satisfied with the available options of spending free time in Sulechów. Many of them use the free-time infrastructure of other towns."]